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Taizi Ch 5 part 2

Chapter 5.2

Transistor: マイ

[About the same length as previous chapter, (3000~3100words after translation.) This is my limit. ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) hope you enjoy.]

Part 2

The prison door was kicked open fiercely. With eyes as sharp as a knife, Yong Lin rushed over to stop Yong Shan. “What are you doing? What are you doing grabbing at Yong Qi gege? Ge, release him. You let go, let him go!”

“Get out!” Yong Shan gritted his teeth. How come more trouble arrives at this time?

“No, you let him go.” Yong Lin twisted Yong Shan’s hand all the way to the back of his neck. Because both brothers practiced martial arts since they were young, the fight was stuck in between the result that no one could take advantage of the other. They were tanglanded for a while with; you twisted my hand, I suppressed your leg. When Yong Lin turned his head around, and the sight of burning scald on Yong Qi’s neck suddenly jumped into his field of vision, he was shocked. “Yong Qi gege! You…”

Hearing Yong Lin’s voice, Yong Qi, who was left on one side, kept leaning toward Yong Lin. Seeing the picture, Yong Shan’s eyes were spitting fire, and while Yong Lin was not paying attention, he pushed him away. “Get out of here.” He was about to pull Yong Qi up, with eyes full of threatening intenseness, he stared at Yong Qi, “Fight me again and see how I deal with you tonight.”

The wound on Yong Qi’s neck was aching fiercely. He knew that he couldn’t escape any misfortune and by tonight, he really couldn’t imagine how much he would suffer. However, after hearing Yong Shan said with such a threatening tone, he struggled even harder. Seeing that himself was being grasped by Yong Shan like a chicken being caught by an eagle, he got up in a dash, lowered his head regardless of anything, and bit Yong Shan’s wrist severely.

The teeth were embedded in the skin, and a strong bloody smell filled his mouth.

The pain made Yong Shan hiss, his breath was cold and his head was dizzy. In a daze, he gave Yong Qi’s face a slap. Only after Yong Qi was hit and fell straight to the floor, then did he suddenly wake up. Yong Qi’s body had just been tortured and hurt recently, how could he withstand such a fight? Then he hurriedly bent over to help Yong Qi up.

“Yong Qi…”

“No! Don’t come over!”

When Yong Qi fell to the ground, he felt as if all of his bones were almost broken. When he raised his head again, he saw Yong Shan was coming to get him again. He was so scared that he quickly moved his body, intending to hide away. But his movement was nowhere compared to Yong Shan’s quickness. He hadn’t moved an inch yet, when Yong Shan’s hand had already arrived in front of him.

“Yong Qi gege!”

Yong Lin kept pouncing on Yong Shan again and again, but he was pushed away again each time by Yong Shan. The burning flesh on Yong Qi’s neck was covered in blood and now he was slapped on the face and slapping sound that echoed in the prison cell was horrifying. Lest Yong Shan hurt Yong Qi again, bursting in blue veins, Yong Lin roared: “Ge, you hit him again, and don’t blame me stirring a fight”

Clank! He pulled out the sword from his waist and pressed it against Yong Shan.

The crisp sound of the sword taking from its sheath was like a basin of cold water in the twelfth month of winter, plugging the three maddened people in thoroughly, and the huge cell fell silent in an instant.

What left was only heavy breath, sounding one after another. 

Yong Lin panted heavily, holding the sword with his hand, pointing straight at Yong Shan.

Yong Shan quickly calmed down. His dark eyes glanced at the tip of the sword on his chest, and asked with a sneer, “You point your sword at me?”

Yong Qi got up from the ground and sat up next to the bed, raising his head and looked up at Yong Lin.

“Yong Lin, put the sword down.” He tugged at the corner of Yong Lin’s clothes. The moment he raised his head, the wound on his neck hurt, and a trace of pain appeared between Yong Qi’s eyebrows. He gasped lightly, “Yong Lin, listen to your brother and put the sword down. He is, this is considered as a death penalty.”

Holding the sword, both of Yong Lin’s eyes were like burning stars, he replied nothing.

When he was being stubborn, he always used this expression.

Yong Shan’s eyes were also on fire, but compared to Yong Lin’s burning fire, his firing eyes were much colder, with no temperature at all. Without looking at the tip of the sword that could pierce into his heart at any time, he stared at Yong Lin and sneered, then stretched out his hand, and punched Yong Lin’s face fiercely.


Yong Lin was caught off guard and was beaten to the side. Yong Shan didn’t even look at him, pushed away the sword in front of his chest, he lowered his head to catch the breathless Yong Qi at the corner of the bed.

Yong Qi rolled back in fear.

“Ge, stop! You……” Yong Lin was full of anger. He yelled and rushed forward, grabbing Yong Qi’s right hand. But before he could even pull Yong Qi back, Yong Shan’s fist had already hit his eyes. This punch was completely unrelenting, and his eyes turned black for a while, and his mouth was full of blood.

“Let go! Let me go!” Yong Qi’s voice was mixed with gasping, while being entangled, something brushed past his wound severely, and he couldn’t help screaming.

The punch just now made Yong Lin swayed back two steps before he could finally stabilize himself. This punch really broke out his wildness as he threw back a few fierce punches at Yong Shan, but they were all blocked, even causing himself to stumble back on his feet and knock on Yong Qi severely on the ground. Yong Qi’s screams seemed to erupt in his ears, causing Yong Lin to shiver all over, and he got up from the ground in a fright. 

Yong Qi was caught by Yong Shan. The sneer in Yong Shan’s eyes, not only Yong Qi, even in Yong Lin’s eyes, he felt it was cruel and terrifying.

“Yong Qi gege!” Yong Lin rushed forward, intending to slam his head against Yong Shan.

Seeing that he was coming too violently, Yong Shan was afraid that he would hurt Yong Qi, so he let go of Yong Qi. While he was extremely annoyed that this naughty brother came to cause trouble, he smoothly titled himself away, and pushed Yong Lin’s back along in passing, wanting to let him fall harder. After his hand was pushed over, the sharp corners of a big yellow pear wood table flashed over the corner of his eyes. He was shocked instantly. If Yong Lin hit his head with it, he would lose his life. Yong Shan then stretched out his arms quickly, and barely pulled Yong Lin, who had almost fallen over. (He still cared for his brother, ok!ToT)

However, Yong Lin didn’t know what his brother was thinking. As soon as he was pulled back, he steady his foot, and immediately carried out the unfinished thing before without thinking of the consequence; he hugged Yong Shan’s shoulders tightly with both hands, pushing him to the side with force.

This was his best wrestling. However, in order to pull him in time just now, Yong Shan did not stand firmly. And now that he was pulled by Yong Lin, he immediately fell to the ground, and his whole body was in pain.

Yong Lin worried that Yong Shan would break free from his tanglang and would bully Yong Qi again, he shouted, “Yong Qi gege, you quickly go! Go to my mother and ask her to help give you a fair judgement!”

Yong Shan was furious and gave another quick punch. However, this time, Yong Lin was well prepared. He titled his head to the side and the punch came past his head. Both brothers had bruises in their necks, and their eyes were full of spitting fire. They tangled on the ground without letting loose. The furniture in the room was swept ping-pong, and the candlesticks and chairs were all smashed to the ground.

“Yong Lin, hurry up and stop! Stop fighting!”

Yong Qi was too anxious he did not know what to do. He was totally unwilling to accept the fact that Yong Shan won the fight; but if Yong Lin injured Yong Shan, it would be a death penalty.

Two brothers of the same mother, it was simple for Yong Lin, who had always been so reckless, but Yong Shan turned out to be crazy today, completely devoid of the calmness of his past self.

Yong Qi went up to separate them twice, but each time he was pushed aside by the two of them. 

The twin brothers saw each other like enemies and each one couldn’t wait to knock the other to the ground. After a while, they fought again, causing their bodies to even fall to the floor. They rolled twice, tossing and turned over again, then jumped up at the same time, and their clothes were all torn up.

“Yong Lin, you…” Before Yong Qi finished his words, Yong Lin thought he had been beaten up, screamed, and rushed forward with red eyes.

Yong Shan also didn’t avoid it, and directly greeted him.

The two ganged up again, each of their moves from the elementary school were used, and their faces were all covered in blue and purple. Yong Qi didn’t understand martial arts, so he was dazzled by the side, for fear that one of them would be injured, and Yong Lin would suffer in the end. While he was anxious, a sudden muffled grunt, as if someone was injured was heard.

Yong Qi’s heart beat violently. He was so anxious that he couldn’t hear clearly who made the sound just now. Rushing up to the scene, he saw that the two Princes who had been fighting till became a mess stopped.

Yong Lin got up from the ground, his body trembling. 

Yong Shan was sitting against the corner of the prison cell, half of a dagger pierced in his thigh and was dripping with blood.


Yong Qi felt that the blood in his heart was cold. Yong Lin stabbed him!

His hands shook involuntarily. This was not a joke. The crime of stabbing the prince was equivalent to the crime of assassinating the Emperor. It was a serious crime that could not be pardoned no matter how honorable one’s status was.

“Ge! Ge! Why are you…” Yong Lin stood up, only to see why his brother suddenly stopped. He was more stunned and shocked than Yong Qi and quickly bent over to help Yong Shan, “Ge… I didn’t mean to…” This dagger must have fallen from his boots during the fight just now.

Could it be that during the intense fight just now, when he felt something and just grabbed it to hit…

The look in Yong Shan’s eyes was terrifying. 

Yong Lin leaned forward anxiously, but before he could come close, Yong Shan had already stood up by the wall by himself and sat down on the chair.

“Ge, you have to stop the bleeding quickly…”

After all, they were born from the same mother, and when Yong Lin saw Yong Shan’s thigh bleeding blood flowing like a puff, his heart was pounding with anxiety. He went up to help Yong Shan see the wound, “I’ll get some medicine…”

Before he finished speaking, Yong Shan reluctantly kicked his waist. Angrily, he used his uninjured left leg, kicking it so that Yong Lin fell down on the spot. He curled up like a shrimp, unable to get up for a long time.

“Yong Lin!” Yong Qi was originally worried about Yong Shan’s wounds. But after seeing this, he immediately threw the trace of pity out of the clouds, ran to Yong Lin’s side, and carefully helped Yong Lin up, “You… you…” He angrily glared at Yong Shan.

At the same moment, Yong Shan’s face turned sullen as he looked at the prison door, too focused on the door as if he hadn’t noticed anything else, even his leg injury.

Yong Lin, whose lips turned blue when he was kicked, slowly stood up, “I’m fine. aiyo!” Suddenly he screamed again, grabbing Yong Qi’s shoulder to check the wound on his neck, “Not good, this is a burn. You have to get the medicine and treat it quickly. You… don’t you have any pain.”

“Yong Lin.” Yong Shan, who seemed to have thought about something and spoke up.

The two standing there were shocked as they turned their eyes to him, wondering what he wanted.

Yong Shan said, “Go out and get some water, wipe the blood off here, and bring me a set of clean clothes.”

Yong Lin had just returned to the palace for two days, but he seemed to have fallen into a black abyss. He fought fiercely with his brother in the Internal Punishment Court, and then cleaned up the aftermath in a daze. 

The guards that were instructed by Shu Fei to bring Yong Lin back from the Internal Punishment Court, finally really escorted him back to the palace. When they entered the door of the palace, they saw that the head of the Internal Punishment Court, Zhang Cheng, had been already summoned by Shu Fei.

He was kneeling down the stairs, shivering, kowtow desperately, “Servant deserves to die, servant doesn’t have eyes, and he didn’t even pay attention to the matter. He regarded His Highness Yong Lin as His Highness Yong Shan, and let him go into the cell in confusion. Niangniang, you also know that His Highness Yong Shan has placed an order, except for him, no one is allowed to go in, not even servants. Anyway, servant deserves to die. Without stopping His Highness Yong Lin, servant was really blinded by the dog’s eyes…”

“Enough.” Shu Fei said with a sullen face, “If there is nothing inside, it’s fine. Isn’t it because Yong Qi got a little wound on his neck, that I just summon you to come over and ask about it. Why are you crying so much? Remember to distinguish between Yong Shan and Yong Lin more clearly in the future. Once your eyes are blinded again, I will ask someone to dig it out.”

“Yes yes, servant will never mistake them again!”

Seeing Yong Lin had been caught back, Shu Fei also didn’t say anything anymore. She sent the maids to take out two gold ingots to reward Zhang Cheng, and instructed, “If you’re careful in handling things in the future, I will not treat you badly. Who else knows what happened today?”

“Reply to Niangniang, no one in the Internal Punishment Court is allowed to approach that cell, so no one knows it. Even if they know, the low ranking servants are always tight-lipped and won’t talk nonsense.”

Shu Fei laughed, “I’m not afraid of them talking nonsense, since there is nothing to talk about. As a prisoner being interrogated, not to mention getting hurt, it doesn’t matter if he dies.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Return ba.

After dismissing Zhang Cheng, Shu Fei returned to the inner room. Yong Lin made a big mistake today and was a little uneasy. He lowered his head and followed Shu Fei. Seeing Shu Fei sit down without saying a word, and her face was very different from usual, he knew that his mother was very angry this time.

He approached cautiously and cried in a low voice, “Mother…”

Shu  Fe ignored him, and after a while, Yong Lin gave out another embarrassing cry. This time Shu Fei seemed to have heard him as she slowly raised her eyes and looked at Yong Lin’s face and sighed. Several drops of tears suddenly rolled out of her eyes.

“Mother!” Yong Lin panicked, he knelt down on his knees, and stammered: “This son is unfilial, son deserves to die. Mother… don’t get angry, you can beat or scold me, it’s all this son’s fault…”

Shu Fei ignored him. She covered her mouth tightly with a handkerchief, and cried hard for a while before she let out a voice. She gave Yong Lin a stare and sneered: “How dare I be angry, you are more promising, not afraid of heaven and earth. Making trouble in my palace is not enough, you had to go to the Internal Punishment Court to cause more trouble.”

“Mother, I didn’t go there to make trouble, I just wanted to meet Yong Qi gege. You don’t know, he was being bullied inside…”

“I don’t care about Yong Qi!” Shu Fei yelled. She paused a moment, stared at Yong Lin’s eyes, and asked in a low voice: “Did you point your sword at your brother?”

Yong Lin was stunned. He bowed his head but said nothing.

“You did or did not?” Shu Fei grabbed Yong Lin’s hand and tightened it forcefully. The five slender fingers suddenly looked like sharp claws that were about to snatch its prey.

Yong Lin lowered his eyes and nodded, he dared not look directly at Shu Fei.

Shu Fei seemed to be taken aback. She suddenly released his hand and fell silent.

“Mother, I didn’t mean it. Son doesn’t dare anymore. Please forgive me.”

Shu Fei looked at him deeply as if she had seen him for the first time, “Not intentional?” She gently repeated Yong Lin’s words, and a trace of anxiety appeared on her face, “Does anyone else know about this? Who else was there?”

“Only me, Yong Shan gege, and Yong Qi gege. No outsider knows about it. I wiped off the blood and gave Yong Shan gege’s wound bandaged. Yong Shan gege said that, no one is allowed to say anything about today.”

Yong Lin tentatively leaned over. Today his mother was so angry that even he was a little scared. Fortunately, Shu Fei did not push him away coldly like Yong Shan did, instead, she stretched out her trembling hands, and gently hugged his shoulders like she did when he was a child.

“There is nothing in the world that can be concealed.” Shu Fei hugged her youngest son and sighed.

The heavy snow had already stopped, but the air was getting colder and colder.

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